As Hippocrates Said Over 2000 Years Ago:


"Let Your Food Be Your Medicine".












About Our Owner & The Clinic

Fred P. Dopps was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and is the oldest of 10 children from Bruce and Viola Dopps, six of whom are doctors of chiropractic who practice in Wichita along with 11 sons or daughters who are chiropractors and one who is a medical doctor. This family has made a significant impact on the health of Wichitans.


Dr. Fred Dopps has operated a health clinic at 2243 S. Meridian for 24 years along with a team of three other chiropractors, several physical therapists and their clinic team. Their emphasis through the years has been helping people lower their healthcare costs by working to correct musculoskeletal problems through conservative means rather than simply treating the symptoms related to such problems. When you consider that medical treatment of similar symptoms will often require the use of medications that specifically contraindicate using while operating machinery, conservative treatment could substantially reduce liability issues related to impaired functioning.


Over the past three years the clinic has been offering classes to educate people on lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve health within a very short period of time thereby reducing dependence on prescription medications that do not improve health. We have excellent success rates in patients with type II diabetes, GERD, hypertension, elevated cholesterol and in reducing chronic inflammation related to many disease conditions.


Regardless of the cost of various treatments, if a treatment is not effective in resolving a condition, then it cannot be considered cost effective, regardless of the cost! Whereas, lifestyle changes have shown to dramatically reduce dependence upon prescription medications that serve primarily to reduce only the symptoms related to diseases. Our lifestyle coaching can add years of life with decreased pain and reduced physical limitations in addition to reducing dependence on expensive drugs that do not promise any improvement. We find that when patients are educated as to how lifestyle changes can effectively improve the top five or six major disease conditions that disable or shorten our lives, many will be motivated to make the necessary changes to improve their health.


Therefore, if we can educate patients to take responsibility for their own health it will typically result in significant decreases in health care costs and health insurance premiums. Since most people have their health insurance premiums paid for by employers, motivating patients to make personal changes to improve their health will thereby reduce the employer's health insurance premiums and aid in improvement of productivity.