As Hippocrates Said Over 2000 Years Ago:


"Let your food be your medicine".



































































































Renew Your Health

Lose an average of 3 - 7 lbs a week

  • This diet is a four phase protocol with a beginning and end.


  • There is no contract with this diet. This is a weekly program.
  • The most cost effective diet plan on the market.


  • While on the diet, you eat our high biological value protein foods.


  • We have over 120 different food items to choose from while on this diet.


  • Standard Process whole food vitamins are included on this diet program.


  • We offer a base line blood panel before starting the diet and then follow up blood panels to show the incredible improvements in your lab results.


  • This diet combats Metabolic Syndrome, insulin & cortisol resistance. 


  • Relieves health issues such as gout, gerd, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sleep apnea & asthma.


  • Gain muscle & lose fat every week without working out.


  • Through your weekly consultations, you will see your BMI, fat %, skeletal muscle %, visceral fat % & body age every week on our bioimpedance scale.


  • No carb counting, no calorie counting & no weighing food.  All the work is done for you on our program. This diet takes no time out of your day.


  • No shots, no pharmaceuticals, no fat burning herbs or metabolism boosters, this diet works with your body naturally.


  • This diet truly resets your metabolism so when you go back to regular eating, you will not gain your weight back.


  • This diet will bring your body more alkaline and less acidic, ridding your body of inflammation.

Synopsis of The Diet


The Perfect Protein Diet Plan we administer is the absolute quickest way to correct the biggest syndrome plaguing society today, Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome includes four symptoms; High blood pressure, Cholesterol issues, Blood sugar issues & Weight control issues. This diet plan is the only method available that will correct these symptoms associated with Metabolic Syndrome naturally, without pharmaceutical drugs. We are changing lives on a daily basis with this diet program. We are able to eliminate or severely cut down the medications that people are taking for these Metabolic Syndrome symptoms and other symptoms such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, gerd, sleep apnea & many others. This program is the single best step someone can take to massively improve their overall health. Of course, the other huge benefit in all of this is the measurable reduction in medical costs and insurance premiums. This diet plan truly corrects a persons medical issues because it addresses the underlying pathophysiology of the disease process. Usually the underlying cause is hyperinsulinemia,insulin & cortisol resistance, which is what this diet really focuses on.  It does not just treat symptoms like pharmaceutical drugs do, it actually corrects the body's system by resetting your metabolism.

Overview of The Diet Plan

4 Phase Protocol


Phase 1 – Followed Until Goal is Reached


While on phase 1 you eat three Perfect Protein meals a day, a certain amount of select vegetables & additional select protein of your choice. You will also take our Standard Process, whole food vitamins. Vegetables can be cooked or eaten raw. The drinks allowed on this program are water, coffee & tea.




 One Perfect Protein food item



One Perfect Protein food item & two cups of select vegetables


Any select Protein; chicken, meat, fish, pork, eggs & two cups of select vegetables

Night-Time Snack

One Perfect Protein food item



Phase 2 – Followed for One Week

While on phase two, you eat two Perfect Protein meals a day, breakfast & night-time snack. Lunch and dinner you eat any select protein & two cups of select vegetables.

Phase 3 – Followed for Two Weeks


While on phase three, you eat one Perfect Protein meal a day, a nigh-time snack. We reintroduce carbohydrates & fats in the morning. Lunch & dinner are any select protein & select vegetables.


Phase 4 – Maintenance, Followed for Life


This is when you are back eating regular food and maintaining what you achieved on the Perfect Protein Diet Program. We give you a nice guide to follow that outlines what your typical day should look like for maintenance. Of course, we are always available to our people in maintenance whenever they have questions.




Click on the Foodgawker link to see a lot of great recipes for vegetables and other items you can have on the diet.  This will help you keep things interesting and new while on our program.

Click on the 3 fat chicks picture link to see recipes and helpful tips while on the Perfect Protein Diet.  You will see message boards & blogs with people that have been on the diet and have great suggestions on various topics dealing with the diet.  This is a great site and almost every dieter utilizes this.