As Hippocrates Said Over 2000 Years Ago:



"Let your food be your Medicine".












































































Services Offered


Chiropractic Care

We have four chiropractic doctors in our clinic who are experts in correcting various musculoskeletal problems patients might have. Chiropractors administer spinal manipulation to correct spinal subluxations that cause illness, pain and loss of function. Our chiropractors also administer therapy such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, decompression and soft tissue massage. As well, our doctors are licensed to give physical examinations and x-rays. We have contracts with corporations to give physical exams for new hires.

It is a documented fact that patients seeing doctors of chiropractic were able to return to work 10 times sooner than those under medical care.

Physical Therapy

Nutritional Consultations


Nutrition plays a huge role at Dopps Wellness Clinic. We educate our patients on the way they should eat and various supplements they should take on a daily basis to correct bad health and maintain good health. We offer this through weekly health seminars at the clinic, private consultations with our doctors and our

in-house nutritional consultant. We offer a wide variety of the highest quality whole food vitamins & supplements. 


We offer extensive nutritional exams and evaluations that include a comprehensive symptom survey, computer based questionaire and a problem focused, hands on exam and case history. Information revealed from these in-depth studies allow for very specific, individualized nutritional & supplemental plan that we create for you.