As Hippocrates Said Over 2000 Years Ago:


"Let your food be your medicine".






































Customer Testimonials


" I had been dealing with the Gulf War Syndrome for about 15 years since coming back from Iraq.  This Syndrome would cause lesions to pop up in various places on my body.  This Syndrome caused me to have no energy or strength and caused me to have a constant low grade fever.  I had high blood pressure, I constantly felt terrible and would get sick a lot.  I was basically heading into a full blown autoimmune disease as symptoms were getting worse over the years. After 4 weeks on the diet plan, my lesions were gone, my fever was gone, my blood pressure was normal, my energy and strength was back and I felt completely different.  I am now back to my old self and can do things I used to do before the war.  This diet plan gave me my life back."


George Coe



" I was on two blood pressure medications & two diabetic medications.  My blood pressure and blood sugar were still not being regulated properly even with the medications.  Within weeks of being on the diet, my blood pressure & blood sugar went to normal without the medications.  I am very thankful for this program."

Sam Wood



" I had a heart arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) for years and high blood pressure along with it.  I was not wanting to work out because of the heart arrhythmia.  Within one week of being on the diet my arrhythmia disappeared and within 10 days of being on the diet my blood pressure went to normal.  Thanks to the diet, I am now able to workout on a regular basis and I feel great."


Dr. Mike Hermann



" I used to have migraine headaches at least every third day.  Since Chiropractic treatments, I have not had a migraine in weeks."  Thank you Doctor Fred."


Dianna Muniz



" I had a hard time holding a pen because of the severity of my Arthritis. I was also taking a lot of pain medication.  After a couple of weeks on the diet, my Arthritis was virtually gone and I did not need my pain medication any more."


Marti Martin



" Due to a back injury I had to use a cane to walk when I first came into Dopps Clinic. After a month of Chiropractic care, I was walking completely normal without aid. Thanks Doctor Luke."


Mathew Myers



" My Fibromyalgia was out of control. I was in severe pain and not able to sleep at night.  I was taking multiple medications for the fibromyalgia and it was still not under control. After three weeks on the diet, my Fibromyalgia was basically gone and I was off all my medications.  I can sleep at night again."


Mary Craig



" I lost 60 lbs in 8 weeks and got rid of my hypertension while on the diet.  I feel better than I've felt in years and I have a lot more energy, I am stronger and I can do my job a lot easier.  The best part was that the diet was easy for me to do and I was never hunger while on the diet."


Phil Trissel



" My Gout and Arthritis was out of control.  I had a very hard time walking because of the pain in my toes.  I had a hard time working because of the pain in my hands.  After four weeks on the diet both my Gout and Arthritis had disappeared.  I feel as good as I have ever felt and I am pain free."


Margaret Stevens